canadian wood frame house construction pdf

Important General Information

Wood-frame construction has been the option chosen for millions of houses in North America and provides some of the world’s most affordable and comfortable housing. From the days when early settlers used abundant forest resources for housing materials, wood-frame construction has since become a sophisticated technology supported by a wealth of research and is capable of meeting
or exceeding all building science challenges.

Wood-frame construction can incorporate dimension lumber, engineered wood products and structural wood panel sheathing into wall, floor and roof assemblies that are robust, economical and fast to build. Current wood-frame technology is the result of many years of development and improvement and extensive research by the National Research Council, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, industry and others.

Like any other building system, wood-frame construction requires reasonable care in its design and construction to provide lasting shelter, comfort and safety. When well-designed and constructed, wood-frame construction is:
■ fast and easy to build and renovate;
■ durable;
■ built from a renewable resource;
■ a natural insulator that is easy to insulate to
minimize heating and cooling costs;
■ strong, light and flexible using basic tools
and fasteners;
■ easily tailored to the range of wind and snow
loads found throughout Canada;
■ easily reinforced to withstand extreme wind
and earthquake loads;
■ adaptable to all climates ranging from hot and
humid to extremely cold climates; and
■ able to meet or exceed code-established levels
of fire safety and sound control.