computational methods for electric power systems second edition pdf

This book is intended to be used as a text in conjunction with a semesterlong graduate level course in computational algorithms. While the majority of examples in this text are based on power system applications, the theory is presented in a general manner so as to be applicable to a wide range of engineering systems. Although some knowledge of power system engineering may be required to fully appreciate the subtleties of some of the illustrations, such knowledge is not a prerequisite for understanding the algorithms themselves.

The text and examples are used to provide an introduction to a wide range of numerical methods without being an exhaustive reference. Many of the algorithms presented in this book have been the subject of numerous modifications and are still the object of on-going research. As this text is intended to provide a foundation, many of these new advances are not explicitly covered, but are rather given as references for the interested reader. The examples in this text are intended to be simple and thorough enough to be reproduced easily.

Most “real world” problems are much larger in size and scope, but the methodologies presented in this text should sufficiently prepare the reader to cope with any difficulties he/she may encounter.
Most of the examples in this text were produced using code written in MatlabTM . Although this was the platform used by the author, in practice, any computer language may be used for implementation. There is no practical reason for a preference for any particular platform or language.