concentrating solar power and desalination plants engineering pdf

The integration of the desalination processes into Concentrating Solar Power Plants (CSP+D) is nowadays the best alternative to solve simultaneously the water scarcity problems and the depletion of fossil fuels. Most of the regions facing fresh water shortages have high insolation levels and are located close to the sea, with more than the 70 % of the world population living in a 70 km strip bordering the sea. Therefore, the use of solar energy for the simultaneous fresh water and
electricity production is maybe the most sustainable solution.

The combined production can be made either by using electricity from the CSP plant for a mechanical
desalination process or by using the thermal energy to drive a thermal desalination process. This chapter presents the state of the art of desalination processes more suitable to be used in the simultaneous production of electricity and fresh water by concentrating solar power and desalination plants.

This chapter2 deals with the combined fresh water and power production by concentrating solar power (CSP) and desalination plants (CSP + D). First, the cogeneration of electricity and desalinated water from conventional power plants is described to provide a better understanding of the integration processes. Later in the chapter, the CSP plant technologies available are described, focusing particularly on parabolictrough collectors. Finally, the latest studies related to CSP + D plants and the existing refrigeration systems within CSP plants are expounded.

This chapter3 describes the development of a mathematical model of a vertically
stacked, forward feed (FF), low-temperature multi-effect distillation (LT-MED)
plant. The model was developed by taking into consideration the same design and
operational characteristics as the pilot multi-effect distillation (MED) plant at
Plataforma Solar de Almerı´a, in the southeast of Spain. The model has been
validated, comparing the results of the model with the experimental data from the
pilot plant.