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Construction of the structural frame for a building project is a significant and critical project phase, which represents a substantial portion of the project, in terms of time, money, equipment, and personnel. Structural steel, with proper planning, offers the potential for significant time and cost benefits over other structural systems. In order to take full advantage of these potential benefits, close coordination among th

parties and proper planning is essential. An understanding of structural steel activities and their sequence, as well as their relationship to preceding and subsequent construction phases, is important in being able to take full advantage of the schedule reductions which can be generated by using steel.

Module Two is intended to introduce students to scheduling and estimating issues which are important in planning for structural steel construction. Project management and contractual aspects of steel construction were presented in Module One of this manual; the reader should refer as needed to Module One for supporting information which is relevant to the scheduler and estimator. The discussions in this section are

based on a typical midsize (three to ten-story) building project similar to the case study discussed in section 1.2. (See case study project documents in Appendix A.) The case study project is based on a general contract form of project management. However, the issues presented in this educational module are also relevant to construction management and design-build project environments.