Download Design Of Steel Structure Third Edition bya S K Duggal easily in PDF format for free.

In the preparation of the third edition of this volume, the objective was to introduce, wherever necessary, material which embodies the most recent design methodologies and helps to make the text more lucid and clear.The earlier edition contained numerous illustrative examples, each of which was intended to assist the reader in understanding a certain principle or particular design method. The examples cited in the earlier edition are retained as these were

focused on a specific topic detailing the basic design methods, and, subsequently, are related to other design situations. Problems included at the end of chapters are also retained for the same reason. The revision of this hallmark text on design of steel structures has been done keeping in mind the current scenario in the area. Several changes have been made to make the book more useful and lucid. Three new chapters, many new topics, solved and unsolved problems have been added and reorganization of chapters has been made to cater to the changing requirements of the students. It is still the best choice for a book on the subject.

Salient features the book covers the topics in depth, yet at the same time in a concise and student friendly way. The content has been arranged in a very organized and graded manner- (e.g. Chapter 6 on tension members) the flow is very well structured and topics have been broken into subtopics- increasing clarity.  New chapters on : introduction to limit state design, light gauge steel construction and steel sacks. Code being followed in the book : is 800 1984 detailed coverage of high strength friction grip bolts (chapter 2). Prologue to the new code is: 800

2009 has been given in chapter on limit state design (chapter 18) new in this edition : new chapters on: introduction to limit state design (chapter 18) light gauge steel construction (chapter 16) steel sacks (chapter 13) revised/additional content: prologue on new code is: 800 2009 given in (chapter 18). The equivalent lateral force method for determining lateral loads due to earthquakes is described as per the revised code: is: 2002 (chapter 1). Detailed coverage of high strength friction grip bolts (chapter 2).