Download Documents Presentations, and Workbooks Using Microsoft Office to Create Content That Gets Noticed by Stephanie Krieger easily in PDF format for free.

We come to the PCs and the Macs I am de ghted to be ab e to br ng you a resource for exper – enced M crosoft Office users on both p atforms Whether you work on y w th M crosoft Office 2010 or on y w th M crosoft Office for Mac 2011, or you work across p atforms as I do, th s book s for you As a document consu tant and tra ner, I’ve often been frustrated by the ack of ava ab e resources that move beyond ‘c ck here’ or ‘po nt there’ to exp a n why th ngs work the way they do, wh ch best pract ces can make a rea d fference to your work, and what too s you may be m ss ng that cou d s mp fy your work and expand your poss b t es So when I began wr t ng books about M crosoft Office, t was exact y what I wanted to prov de For M crosoft Office 2007, I had the opportun ty to do that w th my book Advanced Microsoft Office Documents 2007 Edition Inside Out Now, a few years ater, I’ve updated and expanded on that book to br ng you Documents, Presentations, and Workbooks for both Office 2010 and Office for Mac 2011

Throughout th s book, you’ earn about new features n both Office 2010 and Office 2011 You’ a so earn about new techno og es and re ated too s ava ab e to users on both p atforms, such as M crosoft SharePo nt 2010, W ndows L ve SkyDr ve, and M crosoft Office Web Apps But this book s not about new features What th s book is about s he p ng you to put what you a ready know together w th both new and ex st ng methods and concepts to work the way the experts do; he p ng you create the k nd of documents and temp ates you’ve a ways wanted; and g v ng you the too s to take fu advantage of the capab t es n these programs to find the s mp e so ut ons you’ve often wondered about In short, t’s about do ng ess work, gett ng better resu ts, and expand ng your poss b t es.

You’re an exper enced M crosoft Office user and you don’t need to start from scratch Th s book takes you at your word, so the bas cs you a ready know are not repeated here Though a few chapters that are spec fic to advanced tasks (such as M crosoft Exce P votTab es) do start from the beg nn ng and move at an advanced pace, you’ find far more sts of key t ps, hands-on concepts, and advanced t mesav ng or troub eshoot ng methods n most chapters than step-by-step nstruct ons for us ng the bas cs of a feature Fo ow ng are a few examp es of what you’ find here.


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