Download Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing Principles and Practices Third Edition by Saeid Mokhatab, William A. Poe and John Y. Mak easily in PDF format for free.

Many interesting and exciting developments in the natural gas industry have occurred since the publication of the second edition in 2012 that make it necessary to revise portions of the book and include additional materials that are becoming important in the gas processing industry. This realization has led us to embark on updating our work to make it a more complete, refreshed, and comprehensive reference for all major aspects of natural gas transmission and processing. The operating practices and guidelines for the gas processing units have been added and updated where we feel they are relevant. In this respect, we hope that the basic contents are useful as introductory materials in the chemical and petroleum engineering fields and the more detailed description of design and operation are useful for the engineers and plant operators.
The preparation of a book that covers such a broad subject requires many sources of information. There are many contributors of technical materials and we gratefully acknowledge our indebtedness to all of the individuals who contributed to the development of this book. An invaluable contribution to this edition is the insight by experts in their specialties and applications. Special thanks are due to friends and colleagues, who encouraged, assessed, and made this book possible.

Among them are Dr Louis Mattar and Dr Mehran PooladiDarvish of the Fekete Associates Inc., Canada, who prepared the section on Natural Gas Exploration and Production” in Chapter 1. We also appreciate Mr Cris Heijckers of Kranji Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore, for preparing a section on Practical Design of Separation Systems in Chapter 4. We deeply acknowledge the greatest help of Dr Rainer Kurz of Solar Turbines Inc., the United States, in updating Chapter 11. We thank Mr Sidney P. Santos of At Work Rio Engineering and Consulting Ltd, Brazil, for his constructive comments and suggestions on Chapter 12.

We also express our sincere thanks to Professor Kenneth R. Hall of the Texas A&M University, the United States, who accepted to write its foreword. Finally, we appreciate the editorial staff members of Elsevier who have been an excellent source of strong support during the preparation and publication of this book.

We know that this handbook required updating to reflect the current state of the art in the changing landscape of natural gas processing. In order to meet this requirement, the authors have endeavored to assemble the best available knowledge and expertise to make this work as current as possible, but by no means is this work perfect. The accelerated delivery of information contained in this handbook is important as we all desire to make use of the latest technology for a greener and safer environment through the effective use of natural gas.