Download The Lightweight Steel Frame House Construction Handbook easily in PDF format for free.

Lightweight steel framing is increasing in popularity amongst homebuilders. Framing techniques and details are now available that largely eliminate the need for engineering services. The purpose of this Handbook is to provide the build insights concerning successful lightweight steel construction. This Handbook describesa method for framing the floors and walls of single family residential buildings and other small buildings using lightweight steel members. This Handbook can be used only in conjunction with lightweight steel framing (LSF)

evaluated under the CCMC Technical Guide for Lightweight Steel Framing Components. Engineering design services are required for all other LSF construction applications er with general design guidelines, common practices and Code Compliance and CCMC Reports The Canadian Construction and Material Centre (CCMC), a part of the National Research Council of Canada’s Institute for Research in Construction, offers the construction industry a nation evaluation service for new and innovative materials, products and services in all types of construction.

A CCMC evaluation is an impartial, technical opinion on the suitability of a product for its intended use, usually with respect to the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada and, in many cases to provincial codes including the Ontario Building Code. CCMC ensures that its evaluations are based on the latest technical research and expertise. CCMC Reports and Listings are utilized throughout the country by building officials and other authorities as a

basis for determining the acceptability of products. Please check with your local building official with respect to the acceptability of CCMC reports in establishing Code compliance.The prescriptive span and height tables, along with floor and wall opening details contained in this document have been evaluated by CCMC for conformance to Part 9 of the NBCC 1995. Therefore, construction using CCMC certified framing elements in accordance with this Handbook will conform to Part 9 of the NBCC 1995.