Download Theory and Problems of Basic Electrical Engineering by Jimmie J. Cathery and Syed A.Nasar easily in PDF format for free.

In most schools, a survey course in electrical engineering is required for engineering students not majoring in electrical engineering. Such a course will treat passive electrical networks, electronic devices and circuits, magnetic circuits and electric machines, linear systems, control systems, and instrumentation-or at least most of these topics-in a two-semester sequence.

The present Outline is designed to supplement the standard textbooks for this survey course; it could also function as a textbook in its own right. It should find further use as a review guide for those (electrical engineers and others) who wish to take the Professional Engineer’s Examination.

All the above-mentioned areas of electrical engineering, with the exception of instrumentation (not problem-oriented), are covered in this book. As in other Schaum’s Outlines, only a brief review of the subject at hand is given in each chapter.

The chief emphasis is on solving pertinent problems, of which over 620 are presented. SI units, as specified in the IEEE Standards, are employed throughout. The authors would like to thank the staff of the Schaum’s Outline Series for their editorial assistance.