Download Thermal Power Plant Pre Operational Activities by Dipak K. Sarkar easily in PDF format for free.

I worked in the premier engineering consultancy firm of India, M/S Development Consultants Private Limited (DCPL), for more than four decades. During this long tenure I had the opportunity to work in innumerable thermal power plants of various sizes and configurations. The most important part of this association was my exposure to chronological development in power plant technology, both within and outside India.

Against this backdrop, when I was executing various projects I observed that there is a dearth of published books wherein various aspects of preoperational activities are consolidated. This was the starting point in getting motivated to write this book, Thermal Power Plant—Preoperational Activities, in which I tried my utmost to incorporate the state-of-the-art technology applicable to these activities.

Design of a thermal power plant is a desktop study, while operation of the plant falls exclusively within the purview of field engineering. In between design and operation there are certain areas, generally known in the industry as preoperational activities. The procedure for execution of these activities is developed during desktop study, but is executed in field only. So these activities act as a go-between for design and operation to ensure unruffled power generation as far as the end user is concerned.

Thus, this book may be construed as complemental to my previous book, Thermal Power Plant—Design and Operation, published by Elsevier. This book aims to address some of the essential preoperational activities which are extremely important to carry out in line with the practice followed in the industry globally. Smooth, trouble-free, and economic operation of thermal power plants can be ensured if preoperational activities are carried out with the utmost care in order to establish that prior to the start-up of various systems, equipment, and/or the plant as a whole.

The main purpose of addressing the essential features of preoperational activities is to ensure economic generation from a plant. Hence, the primary focus of this book is on professional engineers. The contents of the book are such that the book should not be treated as a conventional textbook used in technical institutes. For design engineers, this book would act as a reference to help them develop project-specific precommissioning manuals of a new plant.

It would also fulfill the needs of comissioning engineers, suppliers, and utility operators during the execution period of new plants. While successful completion of preoperational activities is essentially to be accomplished and certified prior to the start-up of new plants, areas addressed in this work are applicable to running plants as well.

In running plants, this book would be a tool to help operation and maintenance engineers/suppliers (contractors) execute cleaning/testing activities (eg, overhaul, critical inspection, major repair) successfully to comply with regulatory requirements.