Download Training and Further Education in Automotive Engineering Second Edition Practical Automotive Laboratory Instruction and Diagnostics easily in PDF format for free.

Unusual concepts and rapid innovations in the development of automotive systems – these are the challenges of today. Unique driving culture afforded by a blend of excellent comfort and superior agility place the highest demands on industry and trade. Automotive electronics in general has turned into one of the most innovative areas here. A host of patents and new technologies viewed as milestones in automotive technology make new training systems necessary.

Advances in safety optimization, intelligent drive systes and integration of mobile communications are just a few examples of the changes occurring in this profession. The enormous demands placed on automotive trainees today involve correspondingly modern and practical hands-on systems of instruction

One of the most important training objectives is to enable students to work independently in a professional manner. Greater work satisfaction and independence acquired early on during the training phase are not just coincidences, but the results of purposeful instruction using Lucas-Nülle’s training and educational systems.

All training topics are fully covered, from the fundamentals of automotive electrics through lighting and comfort systems to vehicle diagnosis and automotive experiments in the practical automotive workshop laboratory. Our modular and scaleable training systems provide an innovative and future-proof platform for first-rate, in-depth theoretical and practical training in automotive engineering. With the UniTrain-I multimedia experiment and training system, students are guided through the experiments by means of clearly structured course software including texts, graphics, animations and knowledge tests.

In addition to the training software, each course comes with an experiment card for performing practical exercises. Courses such as those on the fundamentals of electrical engineering, automotive sensors and ignition systems convey the knowledge and skills needed to understand, connect, diagnose and operate modern automotive systems. Animations and numerous experiments on authentic systems found in the various courses impart the fundamentals, principles and attributes of electrical, safety, lighting and engine-management equipment.

The Connect® system consists of a series of A4-format panels with original components from corresponding engine management systems. A multimedia program provides helpful information on the individual components and overall systems. All components are described in detail in the software. Functions are elucidated by videos and animations. Due to the equipment’s modular nature, a variety of injection systems can be realized simply by interchanging individual components. Sound training in the fundamentals of electrical engineering is a prerequisite for understanding the complex relationships between various automotive applications. Our classic, modular plug-in system is meant for thorough and practical training in electrical engineering and electronics.

Particularly suitable for students’ exercises, experimentation and familiarization, this robust system permits a true reproduction of circuit diagrams in experiment configurations. The compact system provides function groups comprising all relevant components configured for the purpose of instruction. All components needed to operate the system are clearly arranged on a large housing panel

The components are original vehicle parts prepared in such a way that they can be put to use quickly and easily. Whether for conventional classroom instruction or practical experiments, this system of panels permits a variety of teaching methods to be implemented.