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trigonometry for engineering technology with mechanical civil and architectural applications pdf

This text was developed for use in a Geometry and Trigonometry course for Engineering
Technology students. Many technical mathematics textbooks also include all of the math and
algebra topics in addition to geometry and trigonometry. In most cases, the students have already
had one or more algebra courses, and therefore do not need another expensive textbook with these
topics. This text, therefore, is intended to be a low-cost alternative to the all-inclusive textbooks.

At my school we use this text for students who are preparing for careers in the mechanical, architectural, and civil engineering fields. Practice problems from each of these fields are
included so that the students can see real-world examples of how the trigonometry functions are

This text assumes that the students have solid algebra skills for solving simple equations.
In addition, it is assumed that the students have a working knowledge of the Cartesian coordinate
system.The examples in this text are fully-worked problems to illustrate solutions for the students.
The exercises are problems for the students to solve. Answers and solutions to these exercises are provided in the Appendix at the end of the text.

Trigonometry for Engineering Technology is designed to teach the fundamentals to students new to the subject and is also useful for in-house training programs and as a self-study refresher. The text uses mechanical, civil, and architectural applications to enhance its explanations of real-world scenarios. Its open format enables it to be used as a workbook either in class or for independent study.  In addition to its thorough treatment of right-angle trigonometry, the text includes oblique triangle calculations and graphing of trigonometric functions.  The examples in each chapter demonstrate a specific type of problem-solving procedure and are followed by practice exercises. Answers and complete solutions to the exercises are included in the appendix.

Overview Trigonometry for Engineering Technology teaches the fundamentals or right angle trigonometry while also placing strong emphasis on examples from the field of engineering technology. Written for those without prior experience in the subject, as well as those who need a refresher, its intent is to engage students in a topic that many might otherwise consider unimportant in a future career. May also be found useful by manufacturing companies with in-house training programs. Features Emphasizes examples from the fields of engineering technology for students who are studying to prepare for work in those fields.

Many examples and exercises include illustrations to enhance the explanation of real-world scenarios. Each chapter includes example problems that demonstrate a problem-solving procedure for specific problem types. The example problems are followed by exercises that the students solve for practice. Several chapters are included to supplement the right angle trigonometry topics, including Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, and graphing trigonometry functions. An open format allows students to use the text as a workbook in class and during study.Includes answers and solutions to exercise.