Second Edition

The first edition of this book has been serving students and practising engineers since 1983. Last few decades have seen striking developments
in turbine power plants employing combined cycle and solar energy.
Therefore, to put the role of turbomachines in the present perspective two
new chapters on Combined Cycle Plants (Chap. 5) and Solar Turbine
Plants (Chap. 17) have been added.

The basic aim of the book remains the same of dealing with the
individual turbomachine and its role in the power plant. In view of this,
topics such as optimization of the combined cycle and optics in the solar
turbine power plants have not been included.
The errors occurring in the earlier edition have been weeded out. Several
solved and unsolved examples and questions have been added to enrich
the content. Some sections in the chapters have been modified. Additional
references have also been included to enhance the Bibliography.

It is hoped that the new edition will have enlarged audience from the
academic institutions, the industry and R&D organizations..

A short chapter on dimensional analysis prepares the reader to proceed
to the analysis of particular types of machines. In this the various quantities
that affect the design and performance of turbomachines are identified and
discussed. A brief discussion on various dimensionless parameters is also

Chapters 1 to 6 deal with the various kinds of turbines, compressors and
fans in a general way. The later chapters deal with the aero-thermodynamic
aspects of particular kinds of thermal turbo!llachines in greater depth.
Therefore, theoretical details and physical explanation of individualmachines are given in separate chapters on turbines, compressors and fans which constitute the main body of this volume. Velocity triangles and enthalpy-entropy diagrams have been frequently used in these chapters to
explain the various kinematic and thermodynamic aspects of these

Chapter 7 on cascades acquaints the reader with the geometries of
blades and blade rows in different types of turbomachine stages. This also
focuses attention on the practical aspects ofturbomachines. Various types
of wind tunnels employed for cascade testing are described here.
Chapter 8 deals with the co:J.ventional axial-flow turbine stages. Some
unconventior.al turbines used in aerospace applications like partial
admission and cooled turbines are also covered in Chapters 8 and 9

The treatment of axial compressor stages in Chapter 10 is on the same
lines as discussed in the earlier chapters for axial turbine stages.
Both centrifugal compressors and radial turbines form a separate group
of turbomachines employing a different technology. These machines have
been discussed in Chapter 11 and 12. Here the tangential direction is taken
as the reference direction in velocity triangles for the stages. This is in
marked contrast to the treatment for axial stages where the axial direction
has been taken as the reference direction.