turbochargers pdf

This report about two main components in the field of engine are
turbocharger and supercharger, that can help the engine to increase the
power with light weight. The report discusses the components, advantages,
and disadvantages for each type, how its work, types, construction, how to
increase efficiency for the engine, reduce the emissions of the engine
turbocharger, avoiding the damage and maintenance.
Turbocharger and a supercharger main objective is to suck more fresh air into the
engine, and that gives the combustion system in the engine a lot of benefits , as more
air and fuel in the combustion chamber the better the explosion , the more power you
have, and more power means a lot of things to the car, first thing is you can go faster,
second it increase torque delivered to the wheels. more power to the engine allows
numerous benefits to the car, the power of the engine relative to its size. we can a
make a smaller engine in the car without losing power, which will make the car lighter,
using less materials.
So turbo charger and super charger mainly do the same thing , but the way they work
are very different , each of them have pros and cons and manufacturers use both in
their cars with some tuning and more technology to have the maximum efficiency and
power .
Both turbochargers and superchargers have different types, for example there are 3
types of superchargers. centrifugal, two screws and Root, they work differently, and
each have their advantages and disadvantages. In Turbo charger however they used
in different sizes and numbers. And have many types as Single-Turbo, Twin-Turbo,
Twin-Scroll Turbo, Variable Geometry Turbo, Variable Twin Scroll Turbo and Electric
Turbo. each type has advantages and disadvantages according to the state of work.
turbocharge help to increase the percentage of NOx then we should reduce this
percentage. lubrications help to keep and avoid the turbo from damage.