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users manual heidenhain conversational programming itnc 530 pdf (1)

1.1 The iTNC 530

HEIDENHAIN TNC controls are workshop-oriented contouring
controls that enable you to program conventional machining
operations right at the machine in an easy-to-use conversational
programming language. They are designed for milling, drilling and
boring machines, as well as for machining centers. The iTNC 530 can
control up to 12 axes. You can also change the angular position of the
spindle under program control.

An integrated hard disk provides storage for as many programs as you
like, even if they were created off-line. For quick calculations you can
call up the on-screen pocket calculator at any time.
Keyboard and screen layout are clearly arranged in such a way that the
functions are fast and easy to use.

Programming: HEIDENHAIN conversational,
smarT.NC and ISO formats

HEIDENHAIN conversational programming is an especially easy
method of writing programs. Interactive graphics illustrate the
individual machining steps for programming the contour. If a
production drawing is not dimensioned for NC, the HEIDENHAIN FK
free contour programming does the necessary calculations
automatically. Workpiece machining can be graphically simulated
either during or before actual machining.

The smarT.NC operating mode offers TNC beginners an especially
simple possibility to quickly and without much training create
structured conversational dialog programs. Separate user
documentation is available for smarT.NC.
It is also possible to program in ISO format or DNC mode.
You can also enter and test one program while the control is running
another (does not apply to smarT.NC).