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users manual heidenhain conversational programming itnc 530 pdf (1)

1.2 Visual Display Unit and
Operating Panel

Visual display unitThe TNC is delivered with the BF 150 (TFT) color flat-panel display (see
figure at top right).

1 Header
When the TNC is on, the selected operating modes are shown in
the screen header: the machining mode at the left and the
programming mode at right. The currently active mode is
displayed in the larger box, where the dialog prompts and TNC
messages also appear (unless the TNC is showing only graphics).

2 Soft keys

In the footer the TNC indicates additional functions in a soft-key
row. You can select these functions by pressing the keys
immediately below them. The lines immediately above the softkey row indicate the number of soft-key rows that can be called
with the black arrow keys to the right and left. The line
representing the active soft-key row is highlighted.

3 Soft-key selection keys
4 Switches the soft-key rows
5 Sets the screen layout
6 Shift key for switchover between machining and programming
7 Soft-key selection keys for machine tool builders
8 Switches soft-key rows for machine tool builders