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Welding symbols on
E. N. Gregory and A. A. Armstrong

Related titles from Woodhead’s materials engineering
Welded design – theory and practice (ISBN 1 85573 537 7)
A thoroughly practical text, but with sufficient theory to aid understanding of the welding parameters of strength, fatigue and failure,
Welded design provides specialist information on a topic often
omitted from engineering courses. It explains why certain methods
are used and gives examples of commonly performed calculations
and derivation of data.

Arc welding control (ISBN 1 85573 687 X)
This book examines recent developments in modern arc welding.
The first part gives an account of the dynamic behaviour of the arc
and its power sources. Part II goes on to describe ways of controlling the welding arc through modern electronics.

The third part
looks at the prospects of the arc sensor for automatic seam tracking
in arc welding. An original method for measuring the welding temperature field using the image colorimetric method is described in
Part IV and a detailed account of the recognition method of threedimensional weld grooves is given

in Part V.

Arc welding control is essential reading for researchers, academics, technicians, engineers and other professionals involved in
welding automation.