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wet steam turbines for nuclear power plants pdf

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Leyzerovich, A. Sh. (Aleksandr Shaulovich)
Wet-steam turbines for nuclear power plants / by Alexander S.
Leyzerovich.–1st American ed.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 1-59370-032-6
1. Boiling water reactors–Equipment and supplies.
2. Steam-turbines. I. Title.
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Chinese, 1985) and Technological Fundamentals of Power Steam
Turbine Start-Up Automation (1985), as well as in many papers
published in various power engineering periodicals, in both Russian
and English.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to E. R. Plotkin,
N. S. Tchernetsky, V. B. Kirillov, A. D. Melamed, N. A. Rusanova,
E. N. Sergiyevskaya, V. A. Panfilov, N. I. Davydov, B. N. Lyudomirsky, and
others of my collaborators at VTI, as well as many of my colleagues
from the turbine manufacturers and nuclear power plants with whom
I was working in close contact during those years.

I would also like to
thank all of the colleagues from various countries who have helped
me in gathering materials for this book.
Dr. Alexander S. Leyzerovich