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wind energy system control engineering design pdf

in the last 15 years: Dr. Xabier Ostolaza, Dr. Juan Carlos Guillén, Dr. Montserrat Gil,
Dr. Arturo Esnoz, Dr. Igor Egaña, Dr. Marta Barreras, Dr. Juan Jose Martín, Dr. Irene

Dr. Alejandro Asenjo, Dr. Jorge Elso, Carlos Molins, Augusto Mauch, Pablo Vital,
Javier Villanueva, Manu Motilva, Juan Antonio Osés, Javier Castillejo, Mikel Iribas, Ana
Huarte, María Brugarolas, Xabier Montón, Asier Oiz, and Daniel Casajus at the Public
University of Navarra (Spain), as well as Timothy Franke, Tipakorn Greigarn, Nicholas
White, Nicholas Tierno, Katherine Faley, Gerasimos Houpis, Trupti Ranka, and Dr. Ion
Irizar at Case Western Reserve University (United States).
Finally, we would like to acknowledge many colleagues and friends at Case Western
Reserve University (Ohio), at the Public University of Navarra (Spain), at M.Torres HQ
(Spain), at ESA-ESTEC (the Netherlands), and at the Air Force Institute of Technology
(Ohio) for their help and cooperation in the completion of this book.
Mario García-Sanz
Cleveland, Ohio
Constantine H. Houpis
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

by Dr. Houpis are Digital Control Systems—Theory, Hardware, Software (McGraw-Hill,
1991, two editions) and Quantitative Feedback Theory: Theory and Applications (Taylor &
Francis, 2006, two editions).

Dr. Houpis has received numerous awards, the latest being
the NAECON 2009 Research Visionary Award, for outstanding research and visionary
contributions to the education of undergraduate and graduate students in both control
theory and robust multivariable control systems.