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wiring a house fourth edition pdf

About Your Safety: Working with electricity is inherently dangerous. Using hand or power tools improperly
or ignoring safety practices can also lead to permanent injury or even death. What is safe for one person under
certain circumstances may not be safe for you under different circumstances. Don’t try anything you learn
about here (or elsewhere) unless you’re certain it is safe for you. Please keep safety foremost in your mind.

No one person creates a book.

It is the accumulation
of many hands and minds.

I would like to thank
Julie Trelstad, who guided me through the
conception of the original edition many years ago, and all
the people at Taunton who have worked so hard to make this
book the great success that it has been over the years.

It should be noted that a work of this kind is very
technical, and it is very easy for errors to slip by editors
even though a great deal of effort has been taken to find
such. If you note any problems, have questions, or would
like something added or changed, you can email me at

It should also be noted that the way
houses are wired on the East Coast may not be the same as
on the West Coast and that all areas do not adopt the same
exact code.

Even under the NEC, I have to wire differently
in each county I work in.

Many companies helped with this book by providing
photographic material and technical information about
their products. I would like to give heartfelt thanks for
their help to Jim Gregorec of Ideal Industries, Inc.; Vivian
Beaulieu of Marchant and Field; Ben Bird of Certified

Insulated Products; Doug Kirk of King Technology, Siemens;
Constance Malenfont of TayMac Corp.; Jean Miskimon of
DeWALT public relations; M. F. Reed of Tytewadd Power
Filters; and Jay Thomas of AFC Cable Systems. I would
also like to thank the good people at Carlon®; Bussman;
Greenlee Textron, Inc.; Hunter® Fan Company; Hubbell®
Incorporated; Lutron®; Magnus® Industries, Inc.; and
Technology Research Corp.