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Dear Home brewer,
Thank you for purchasing our DIY electric home brew control panel
kit. It is our intentions that these kits help you along in your goal of
building your dream brewery.

Each package includes hardware, a
drawing, and our short how-to, to help you along your way. If at any
time you have any questions, please contact us via
support@ebrewsupply.com or through our website.

We greatly appreciate your support and hope you find success with
our help.
Ryan and Katie Gray
Electric Brewing Supply, LLC

The Hardware and Tools
DIY Basic kit versus DIY Complete kit
Depending on the kits you chose to purchase, your included list of hardware will be a complete
list or will require to source additional hardware.

The Basic kits allow you more flexibility in your
design, but will also require you take more time to source the balance of parts needed versus the
complete kits.

For complete kits, you may also have a few steps you can skip as you build, again depending on
the variation you choose. While the basic complete kits include enclosures, you will still need to
drill and cut; versus the upgraded DIY complete kits where the enclosure will come pre-drilled,
cut, and tapped.