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wiring your digital home for dummies pdf

Paul A. Brewer: I would like to thank my family for their support, acknowledging my three beautiful daughters and their spouses: Joyce and Joe, Paula
and Dave, and Sandy. I would especially thank my two sons, Gary (and his
wife Lisa), and Ricky, who both by chance also happen to be electricians, for
helping me with this book. I received help from many vendors; the vendors
that went out of their way to be of assistance, include Rex TV, Midwest Security,
and Wal-Mart, all of Marquette, MI. I want to thank the owners, as well as the
contractors, of the many projects we wired and photographed. Our electrical
suppliers were very helpful, especially Joe Rahoi at Prime Supply and Holly
Bluebaugh, Scott Schwenke, and Paul Klarich at UP Electric Supply. I am grateful to my friend, John Wirtanen, for the entertaining tales he tells and also for
the wisdom and water that I received at his establishment.
Dennis C. Brewer: Thanks to my wife, Penny, for her relentless patience and
support; my friend Joe, for always asking the tough technical questions; my
oldest son, Jason, for the inspiration to always do quality work; my youngest
son, Justin, for pointing out that sometimes designs need to go a little bit outside of the lines; and my mother, Verna, for reminding me recently that finding the right answer to a problem is worth some degree of celebration.
I want to thank the many electrical, electronic, and networking product
vendors and sales representatives who answered or found answers to my
questions. They know who they are because I will give each of them a copy o
f this book!
From both authors: Thanks to our literary agent, Carole McClendon, at
Waterside Productions for all of her valued assistance with this project.
Special thanks goes to Melody Layne, acquisitions editor at John Wiley &
Sons, for seeing the potential in this text to help readers, be they lay persons,
architects, or contractors, to include the many benefits of the digital-age
devices that surround us in the homes we love to live in and enjoy. Thanks to
Jean Rogers, associate project editor, for her objective insight in improving
every aspect of this text. We are particularly grateful to Keith Underdahl for
his sharing his considerable knowledge of how to write For Dummies and his
very valuable input into this text. We would also like to express our combined thanks to everyone else at Wiley Publishing for their excellent contributions in producing this book and for always being so pleasant to work with.