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The appendices consist of nine sections and include a list of all formulas presented in the various chapters, unit and conversion factors, the properties of water and
other common liquids, the properties of circular pipes, a table of head loss in water
pipes, the Darcy friction factor, and the least squares method (LSM) for fitting
pump curve data.
Those who purchase this book may also download additional code from the publisher’s website for quickly simulating some of the pump calculations described in
this book.
We would like to thank Dan Allyn and Barry Bubar, both professional engineers
with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, for reviewing the initial outline
of the book and making valuable suggestions for its improvement.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kenneth McCombs, Senior
Acquisitions Editor of Elsevier Publishing, for suggesting the subject matter and
format for the book. We enjoyed working with him as well as with Andre Cuello,
Senior Project Manager, and Daisy Sosa from MPS Content Services.
E. Shashi Menon, RE.
Pramila S. Menon, MBA
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

E. Shashi Menon, P.E.
E. Shashi Menon, P.E. is Vice President of SYSTEK Technologies, Inc. in Lake
Havasu City, Arizona, USA.
He has worked in the Oil and Gas and manufacturing industry for over 37 years. He
held positions of design engineer, project engineer, engineering manager and chief
engineer with major oil and gas companies in the USA.

He has authored three technical books and co-authored over a dozen engineering software applications.
Pramila S. Menon, MBA
Pramila S. Menon, MBA is the President of SYSTEK Technologies, Inc.

in Lake
Havasu City, Arizona, USA.
She has worked in the Oil and Gas and Financial industry over the last 31 years.
Her experience includes systems modeling, feasibility studies, cost analysis and
project evaluation.